The name's Anthony Whetstone. But, you can simply call me Tony. I guess you could say that I'm a bit of a ghost hunter. I like trying to bust myths and most of them tend to do with the paranormal. Hence why I'm now staying at this lovely hotel! I'm currently twenty years old and if you couldn't tell already, I hail from Bristol, England. I recently moved to The States to do some good old ghost hunting.

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@Miss Gabrielle!



“Sorry, Gabrielle. I didn’t mean to offend you.” Tony had to try his hardest not to laugh. She sure was spunky. “I actually think there is one near the library… I haven’t been there yet though.” He gestured in the direction of the library and slowly started to walk decide Gabrielle as he did so. “Oh, not to long. About four days. You?”

“I arrived yesterday, nothings really happened here, are you on vacation…or another reason?” she hinted seeing if he knew the story about the hotel. She was glad of the company, and even happier they were going to eat something, it had been a long day in the sun for her, and she wasn’t used to this slow paced life that happened on ‘vacation’.

"Oh, wow, yesterday?" He was very much tempted to tell her to go back home while she could. This wasn’t exactly the best place for a pleasant vacation. "Well, heh, it’s kind of a long story." He smiled slightly, suddenly embarrassed about why he was there. Gabrielle seemed like the kind of girl that didn’t believe in ghost stories or anything the slights bit doubtful. "I’m a ghost hunter."

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COLOR MEME →   chuck and blair  - blue , requested by anonymous


COLOR MEME →   chuck and blair  - blue , requested by anonymous

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